Conservation in contemporary art collections

The project is part of a PhD research at Centre Européen d’Archéométrie at the University of Liège, with the collaboration of the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc.


The research aims to investigate the conservator-restorer’s role in contemporary art collections. The objective is to propose an association between the conservator and the collection to optimize the conservation of artworks there produced, displayed and / or stored. This close collaboration will be established by a study of the situation within the collection - functioning and problems encountered - and the contribution of conservation expertise. 


The in situ conservation-restoration on artworks chosen based on problems targeted in the field of the study will allow defining practice engagement in collections. The study and treatment of representative case studies will permit addressing specific issues concerning contemporary art, such as: long-term preventive conservation, in-situ restoration, partial or total replacement, the communication in multidisciplinary team-work and the interaction with the public.   


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