PhD Survey : Conservation in contemporary art collections

Following a first study conducted within a reduced number of european contemporary art collections, I would like to propose you a more extensive survey, which intends to accomplish a complete analysis.

In a first phase, the results of this investigation will permit me to establish an objective diagnosis of the current situation of the conservation in contemporary art collections. Secondly, they will also allow me to suggest an efficient and relevant approach of the conservation in situ, according to the needs highlighted.

Your participation will allow to gain unprecedented insight of the situation of conservation within contemporary art collections. The survey duration is approximately 40 minutes and consists mostly of closed-ended questions. It is available in French and in English. The data obtained will be treated with high confidentiality.

May I ask you to help me by completing this online survey and/or by contributing to diffuse it within your local or international professional network of private, public and company collections ?

Link for the main survey :

Individual link for the stakeholders :

I would be very grateful if you could participate in this research. Do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or require any complementary information. I thank you in advance

Manon D'haenens

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